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Go Green

Go Green!

Green Doors by Algoma Green Doors by Algoma
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​The information to follow on Green Sustainability and Baltimore City Green Building Standards is derived from several different media articles including magazine articles and other resources. The articles have been adjusted to only show information for educational knowledge.
Baltimore City adopted Green Building standards in 2007. Baltimore City Green Building Standards, or BCGBS, acts as an equivalent to the LEED Rating System and was introduced by Department of Housing & Community Development, Baltimore City.
Tax breaks for projects reaching Green Building Standard as well as projects satisfying LEED are available. GSA and federal agencies requiring LEED Silver have implied in various publications that certain Green Building Standards is an acceptable equivalent. The design team must clarify this with the client agency before choosing a compliance path.  Baltimore City has often conveyed that they are available to help navigate the process to ensure a quick and successful turnaround of permit. They are eager to make the program a success and a benchmark for other cities to build on.
The U.S. Government has developed a program called Home Star that will reimburse homeowners for making their homes energy efficient, specifically via insulation and using energy efficient appliances. The Home Star program provides rebates to home owners via the Gold Star Program (comprehensive Energy Audit/measures to reduce energy use) and Silver Start, (up-front rebates for installation of specific energy saving technologies.

State and local governments across the country have found that one of the most effective strategies to encourage green building is through targeted financial and structural incentives. Rewarding developers and homeowners who choose to build green is an effective way to encourage the adoption of best-practices in design, construction and operations while simultaneously improving the health, prosperity, and quality of life for all.



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