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About Us

About Us

A visionary thinker, Laurie Lessans has long been committed to creating a 100% woman owned wholesale destribution building material supply company. Laurie has journeyed the world and personally experienced "green" in developing nations so it is a personal mission to cater to our environmental well-being. As a result of Laurie's personal mission, a 501c3 was created. Visit
Many companies sell "green," and choices can be confusing since "green" varies widely. Green has various standards and OGS's intent is to focus on Green where available, for example Energy Star and the green rating system developed by the US Green Building Council.

Laurie Chester Lessans, one of Maryland's 2009 Top 100 Women as noted by The Daily Record is the President/CEO of OGS and currently WBE Certified Baltimore City, SBE/SDB Woman owned small business.

Our intent and purpose is to provide our customers with the best service and materials while establishing and building long term customers and great relationships.

We believe that your satisfaction is guaranteed.


OGS Order Green Supply LLC, caters to keeping the environment Green by finding and offering building materials that enhance a healthy environment. The mission is to Go Green!


OGS provides superior service and quality to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.


OGS conducts business with the highest of standards of honesty, fairness and ownership. OGS’s word is paramount and we treat all of our clients the way we like to be treated with respect, care and purpose. OGS operates with the best of business etiquette and scruples.


OGS is enthusiastic about what we do and what we provide, working diligently and effortlessly. We will always safeguard the name and reputation of OGS Order Green Supply while enhancing the environment and communities in which we live, work, play and like to enjoy.


GO GREEN!Laurie Union Mill  3


WBE Certified Baltimore City
WOSB/EDWOSB - Woman Owned Small Business
SDB/SBE - Small
Disadvantaged Business/Enterprise
SWAM - Virginia Certification
MDOT Certified


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We are Members of:

OGS Order Green Supply LLC

5130 North Franklintown Road Ste. G
Baltimore, MD 21207


OGS Order Green Supply LLC  is always looking for new talent. If you're interested in joining our team, please send us your resume detailing your background and experience to