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OGS Order Green Supply, LLC.

Welcome to OGS, a wholesale distribution building material company serving commercial construction. The foundation of OGS is built on Integrity, Dependability, Quality and Commitment.

OGS is ready to supply all of your commercial construction building material needs. We have successfully delivered high quality building products to multi-family facilities, mixed use projects, restoration projects, institutional facilities, health care facilities and design build.

Serving predominantly the Baltimore/DC/VA areas, and expanding into more regions.

Call Today 410.566.1297


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OGS Products

OGS distributes high quality products!

Order Green Supply offers many products, procuring materials from the best manufacturers. We conscientiously supply building material that achieve today's "green" building standards.

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OGS Services

OGS Builds Full Circle Partnerships!

Order Green Supply has the expertise and work experience to satisfy commercial construction projects, including: estimating, engineering and management.

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OGS Projects

Projects contracted with OGS!

Order Green Supply is proud to have been awarded contracts to supply these projects with building materials, specializing in Doors, Frames, Hardware and Toilet/Bath Accessories.

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About Laurie Lessans and OGS Order Green Supply LLC.

LaurieA visionary thinker, Laurie Lessans has long been committed to creating a 100% woman owned wholesale distribution building material supply company. As Laurie has journeyed the world and personally experienced " green " in developing nations it is a personal mission to cater to our environmental well-being.

Learn More About Laurie and OGS Order Green Supply LLC.

Our Mission

Our Service

Our Integrity

Our Passion

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We are Members of:

OGS Order Green Supply LLC

5130 North Franklintown Road Ste. G
Baltimore, MD 21207


OGS Order Green Supply LLC  is always looking for new talent. If you're interested in joining our team, please send us your resume detailing your background and experience to